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The Problem


Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a rare underdiagnosed life threatening disease that leaves thousands of patients in developing countries with few options for survival beyond adolescence. The main barrier to patients thriving in developing countries is access to essential CF drugs and equipment to manage the disease. Orphan drug legislation in the USA and Europe has led to the development and rapid approval of new treatments for rare diseases, including CF. However, the high costs of these effective treatments make obtaining them a major challenge for many CF patients, especially when coupled with the challenge’s manufacturers perceive to distribution in developing countries. 


Our solution

The MECFA Access Program (MAP) is a  member program aimed at providing a short list of essential Cystic Fibrosis (CF) therapies at a substantially reduced price for  developing countries in the MENA and Central Asia region. MAP aims to leverage a symbiotic network of developing countries and industry manufacturers to achieve two primary objectives: 

 1.  To ensure all CF Patients in Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia have access to essential therapies that improve their health outcomes and quality of life.

2.  Provide Health Ministries, Hospitals and Clinicians in MECFA member countries with low cost alternatives to essential CF drugs reducing the burden on ministry budgets.

Program Operating Model

To make MAP successful, MECFA coordinates with both the public and private sector:
-    Supply-Side - Biopharma CF Consortium: MECFA, with our Biopharma CF Consortium, negotiate and purchase essential CF medicines and equipment directly from the manufacturers on behalf of our participating member countries (MECFA CF Buyer’s Club) at a price established to be appropriate for the budgets in the developing world. MECFA works with international generic manufacturers and low cost alternatives as well as leading companies from the US and Europe. 

-    Buy-Side - MECFA CF Buyer’s Club: MECFA partners with health ministries and health officials in the region by requesting a list of essential CF drugs be made available to patients through government-funded health programs, and then quality-checking, purchasing (from the Biopharma CF Consortium), registering and distributing those medicines locally.

Prescription Medication

MECFA CF Buyer’s Club

The MECFA CF Buyer’s Club is a consortium of MECFA member countries who agree to purchase essential CF drugs from the MECFA Access Program. They take advantage of bulk purchasing by combining their CF populations’ essential drug needs and the low prices offered by the MECFA Biopharma Consortium.

Goal: The MECFA CF Buyer’s Club makes it possible to obtain essential drugs at low costs for the MENA and Central Asia region, without the added costs of a 3rd party distributor, making continued access for CF patients more feasible.

Eligible Countries: All countries who receive donated diagnostics and participate in MECFA’s CF disease education programs will be invited to join the MECFA CF Buyers Club.

MECFA CF Buyers Club 

MECFA CF Buyer’s Club Terms:

  •  Members will agree to purchase essential CF drugs from MAP

  •  Members will agree to continue supplying essential drugs to CF patients

  •  Members will agree to assist MECFA to register and license the short list of essential therapies

  • Members are responsible for distribution of therapies locally (Working with a local distributor)

  • Benefits to MECFA CF Buyer’s Club Members:

  •  Acquiring essential CF drugs and equipment at the lowest price possible

  •  Purchase of all necessary drugs from one supplier (MAP); (and one local distributor)

  • Continued supply of drugs guaranteed

  • Favorable terms of payment

  • Guaranteed quality drugs and equipment meeting FDA and EU CE Mark standards whenever possible

  • Participation in a network with neighboring countries to share best practices in improving CF patient’s health outcomes, driving greater success with MECFA programs in each country

  • MECFA ensures continued access in times of political instability or violence by working with established legacy charity partners such as Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and the Red Crescent.


Program Advantages

Registering drugs costs distributors and manufacturers large sums of money and resources. The process is lengthy and often unstable due to inadequate health systems in developing countries. This is why essential drugs for rare disease are less often available in developing countries. The investment is not worth the return for companies who are profit driven.


The MAP CF Buyers Club is a group of countries who are committed to ensuring CF patients have access to essential drugs and care that will prolong their lives. Ministries agree to register and distribute the drugs in exchange for lower prices and better terms of payment.   Enrolling in the  MECFA CF Buyers Club and purchasing drugs and equipment through the MECFA Access Program is the best approach to ensuring CF patients in the region are thriving and living long, healthy lives. MAP is not profit driven, instead the program is patient centric, with the goal to reach as many patients in developing countries as possible. The less appealing a country is to the traditional drug market, the more focused MECFA will be to enroll the country in the program. 

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